Pope’s Blessing

Just as COVID hit I was doing a series in the church. I ran into some difficulty. A few people didn’t understand why a blind person wanted to do a photo shoot in the church. To make things easier I decided to ask the pope for his blessing. This page shows some of the work […]

Google and Be My Eyes

There is an app for the blind called Be My Eyes. It has been around for about four years. Now Google and Microsoft have teamed up with them. The app is free. Using the app is easy. When you open it on your smart phone it automatically calls a sighted volunteer as it turns on […]

Tarjan Center at UCLA

National Arts and Disability Center a program of the Tarjan Center at UCLA. The Tarjan Center  has given a number of mini grants to the group i started called The Blind Photographers Guild. In thanks I am putting their links on my site. Please find their links below. This page gives the artist the opportunity to […]


The Grabarz and Partner AD agency contacted me on behalf of Volkswagen. They wanted me to shoot their new car the Arteon. The whole shoot was fun. They gave me plenty of room to play. I am proud of the two short films they made and my images. There are more photos beyond these ten. […]

The Dark Series

While I was in graduate school I continued to do artwork. I walked and pedaled back and forth in the snow coming home night blind. I had very little vision but pushed on. I dumped all my bad feelings about going blind into the work. Most of it is inspired by the German Expressionist. I […]

Bone Light Gallery

Phantom senses are strange. A person with an amputated arm may feel the missing limb for instance. I have a bio feedback loop that came about as I worked to re-wire my Optic Cortex. I was going to lose all my vision so I decided to use sound, touch, and memory to build a method […]

Neurologic Gallery

This series doesn’t have individual names for each image. I used frame numbers to identify individual images. If you would like to purchase one use the series name and frame number of the image to purchase it.

Forest Ballet

There is an upcoming documentary about blind photographers. This page shows the project I worked on for the film. The shoot was broken down into two parts; shooting the Ballerinas in my studio to get acquainted and form a work plan, next the shoot in the redwood forest. It was a pretty hectic project but […]


Playboy magazine was very kind to Pete Eckert and Bruce Hall contractually. All of these images are Pete’s to sell: he owns the copyright. Please buy them for their beauty and their historical significance. In April 2010, Pete Eckert and Bruce Hall had the opportunity to shoot for Playboy. In 1970 Playboy magazine was translated […]

Seoul Digital Forum

It was an honor to be asked to speak at the Seoul Digital Forum. The hospitality was spectacular. The hotel and food was fantastic. My wife and I have great memories of the trip to Seoul . This page is an overview of my speech, the photos they took, and a link to the whole […]

Photos on NCIS

The TV show NCIS made an episode based on me. They took some liberties; the photographer is well to do, has a beautiful assistant that is in love with him, and he uses his nose instead of his sense of touch and hearing to shoot. So it is not an exact portrayal of me. None-the-less […]

United Nations Postal Stamp

It is an honor to have been asked for one of my photographs to be made into a United Nations Postal Stamp. Making visual art as a blind person makes a statement. Look beyond me. Please look at the group of stamps I am included in. To me they represent only a few of many, […]

Swarovski Shoot

The Swarovski company commissioned me to photograph their jewelry designers work to be presented at the Jewelry Summit in Vienna. I opened the Summit as their first speaker. This was a unique project. Think of my doing this as the nexus between the sighted and blind worlds. I approached this photo project using three key […]

Bus Series

My friend, Michael Richards, persuaded me to put together a story board showing some of the trouble blind people have. Bus companies are required by the Americans With Disabilities Act to call off stops although many don’t. These nine panels tell a story about the hassle. The finished piece has all the nine images with […]