Bone Light Gallery

Phantom senses are strange. A person with an amputated arm may feel the missing limb for instance. I have a bio feedback loop that came about as I worked to re-wire my Optic Cortex. I was going to lose all my vision so I decided to use sound, touch, and memory to build a method to see in my mind’s eye. A byproduct of this effort produced an odd Phantom sense I call Bone Light.. I can see light coming from my skeletal structure. It gets stronger or weaker in time with my health or level of emotional upset. I have included drawn bones in figures for many years but never really explained to people what they meant. This series I try to show what it looks like.

This series doesn’t have individual names for each image. I used frame numbers to identify individual images. If you would like to purchase one use the series name and frame number of the image to purchase it.