Photos on NCIS

The TV show NCIS made an episode based on me. They took some liberties; the photographer is well to do, has a beautiful assistant that is in love with him, and he uses his nose instead of his sense of touch and hearing to shoot. So it is not an exact portrayal of me. None-the-less it is a first. It shows a blind man successfully integrated into the seeing world as a photographer. My blind friends like the show because the photographer ends up with the pretty girl in the end. You can see my huge photos; Electro-man, Cathedral, Hollywood, Charlie By The Portal, and Saloon, in the background in his studio. They sent these large photos back to me after the show ran. They came crated in such good wood that I took the big box apart and made pantry cabinets out of it.

While the CD isn’t mine to sell you can buy the episode “In The Dark” On line by clicking here