Google and Be My Eyes

There is an app for the blind called Be My Eyes. It has been around for about four years. Now Google and Microsoft have teamed up with them. The app is free. Using the app is easy. When you open it on your smart phone it automatically calls a sighted volunteer as it turns on your video camera. Once you are connected and introduce yourself you can ask the volunteer questions about what they see on their screen. Google also has a help line you can bring up the same way. It connects you with a sighted computer person to help you with computer problems. It is very helpful.

Google contacted me to ask if I wanted to do an ad to show what Be My Eyes could do. The Google team brought all sorts of Google products for me to play with. In the ad I used a Pixel smart phone, a Go laptop, and a hub max. I got choked up when they told me they were going to give me; the laptop, the phone, hub max, two mini speakers, a talking thermostat, a video doorbell, a talking fire alarm, and help me to learn how to use all the stuff. I have been struggling for years to come into the computer age and now Google was outfitting my whole house. The Google Be My Eyes/Microsoft collaboration is great. They are encouraging people to make their devices accessible too. I meant it when I said in the ad, “it is the best time in history to be a blind person.” Computer technology is going to get more of the blind into the workplace.

Watch the video below.