Swarovski Shoot

The Swarovski company commissioned me to photograph their jewelry designers work to be presented at the Jewelry Summit in Vienna. I opened the Summit as their first speaker. This was a unique project. Think of my doing this as the nexus between the sighted and blind worlds. I approached this photo project using three key elements in descending order of importance, the jewelry, my own inner vision of art, and the models as structure to hold the image together. The concept fits with how I work preconceiving the work and visualizing it internally as I build the image. I held the jewelry and let the designers speak to me through their tactile work inspiring internal sight. After this I began “building” the images. The Swarovski company was very pleased with my work. I had fun, produced some art, and fulfilled the contract. While I will still do fine art photos, I learned I like fashion and product photography. The images on this page are titled with the names of the designer of the jewelry.